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the Namur's Roaring Twenties during the day


The Roaring Twenties are synonymous with the 1930s with the appearance of jazz and abstraction artistic movements. The fascination of the United States led to dreams of immense Art Deco style skyscrapers spreading throughout the world, as shown in some magnificent photographs of the time. Photography as an artistic discipline was in full development during the 1930s.


Starting from large megacities, Art Deco conquered smaller cities. The example of Namur sees an astonishing diversity of this architectural movement in a district where past, present, and future combine madly. This was the time when more and more people had the opportunity to acquire a camera.


Day and night, the Carmes district (Quartier des Carmes) is just waiting for your gaze to interpret in photography a theme of Namur Art Deco during a walk. You will thus be made actors there. Come and draw your inspiration from the brightness of the weather, artificial light, or architectural patterns, using the many possibilities offered by our telephone devices in our current 21st century.

Photography: Louise Vermeulen, apartment buildings

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