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Example of a story to tell in one minute over a year from 1950 to 1979.

"1962, I was not born, and yet it was a year of euphoria. We heard a group still unknown at the time on the radio, and quickly, we became aware of the Beatles.
Then, I remembered this gigantic construction site to build this futuristic innovation, with enormous cranes. But hey, I saw the construction of the first motorway in Wallonia, before, we had small roads. But yes, before, I counted the cars that passed by, it was still an exception, in the middle of power cuts which were regular. I remember my first flower shirt in rebellion with my nerdy parents. What beautiful years of my childhood, which I would have loved to live through. There is no more good music like at Woodstock, and we will never again walk on the Moon which we already thought we would conquer, according to Tintin!
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