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Namur’s Belle Époque with Jambes


The Belle Époque, a historical period where a large number of inventions flourished. At the dawn of the Industrial Revolution in the 1850s, factories appeared, with the manufacture of many new materials. These factories then took precedence over nature in the appearance of the landscape. This is why Art Nouveau style was invented with the integration of designed floral motifs and elegance in order to perpetuate a constantly flowery and idealized universe, as it appeared during ancient Greece.


Namur was a flamboyant setting during the Belle Époque with the industrialization and urbanization of its outskirts. Art Nouveau, where every detail is designed, was on the rise, mainly in the Jambes's plain (Plaine de Jambes). The opportunity to (re)discover the surroundings of Namur that we usually cross in too much haste.


Here is a discovery of Namur's Art Nouveau in Jambes's plain (Art Nouveau à pleines Jambes, dans la plaine de Jambes;) ) by your drawing illustrations of a given theme during the walk, and to have the other participants guess. An immersion in a Pictionnary to be explored in the Plaine de Jambes via a walk composed of challenges and punctuated by lots of bursts of laughter. An Art Nouveau style to discover, inspired by a fabulous universal exhibition from the beginning of the 20th century. What if Jambes became as fascinating as Paris. (With of course a typical slow advance, like Namur's snail)

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